Early Career and Students Get Together, 1st Conference day (14th June)

We invite all the early career scholars and students joining the XIV ESEE Conference to an informal discussion.

ESEE is currently in the process of gathering resources and creating content addressed to young scholars. This includes a toolbox and some teaching materials. From next year onward, we also plan a 1-day online workshop. Suggestions on topics are welcomed! This is also an occasion to meet new people and gather before the start of the conference. 

We will be gathering at the statue in Piazza dei Cavalieri (close to Polo Carmignani) at 14:30 on the 14th of June (1st conference day) and walking together to Palazzo Carità

We will be back at the main venue at 16:00 on time for the Opening.

For inquiries or agenda suggestions, please send an email at clara.dallaire-fortier@ekh.lu.se