Abstract submission (closed)


Abstract format

Please submit an extended abstract of your paper or poster (max 600 words, approximately divided in: motivation for your research: 200 words; methods: 200 words; expected results / impact: 200 words), together with a summary (max 150 words), by 30 November 2021 15 December 2021.  Extended abstracts may include references, but the summary should not.

When you submit your abstract, you will be asked to indicate which theme or special session your submission relates to. However, the final say on sessions rests with the organisers.

Submissions will be reviewed by an international review panel before being accepted.


Abstracts are submitted via Oxford Abstracts (abstract management platform). You will need to register to the OA platform before submitting your abstracts. It only takes a few minutes.

Submit your abstract to a special session

You can submit your abstract to one of the special sessions accepted in the conference. To do so, you only need to select “Special sessions” on the list of themes in the submission form, and select your preferred session from the list. Click on the button below for more details.