Presentation formats

The main purpose of the conference is to disseminate ongoing research and meet other researchers. We believe that this aim is better accomplished by short presentations given to a large audience. “Traditional” presentations inevitably imply a high number of parallel sessions, involving not only smaller audiences but also frustration from participants when they are interested in several different papers being presented at the same time. For this reason, this conference encourages “lightning” talks.

The traditional format is available as 13 minutes per presentation (4 presentations per hour) in parallel sessions. 

In the lightning sessions, each paper will be presented in 5+2 minutes for questions. The advantage for presenters is that a maximum of 5 sessions will be held at the same time, offering a very large potential audience. Questions and suggestions may be written on cardboards that will be made available and collected by room assistants, and then given to presenters. The discussion will be held in dedicated spaces during lunch. Please, see the pros of lighting talks here

We will also have lottery sessions for large audiences (a maximum of 5 parallel sessions at a time), where presentation time will be 13 + 2 minutes for questions (collected on cardboards as described above). Presenters will be chosen by lot from those who apply and respect the following conditions:
1) opted for “lightning talks” as the preferred presentation format
2) will submit the full paper by the 31st of May (here you can find the format template)
If they wish, the paper will be included in the web app of the conference, available only to the registered participants (not publicly).

Lighting talks and lottery sessions will probably be broadcasted live on the web.

When registering, presenters will indicate their preferred presentation type. Those opting for “lightning talks” will indicate whether s/he would like to participate in the lottery session.

Finally, poster sessions will also be available as usual. 

The following is a summary table:

Presentation format Length  (minutes) Potential Audience Who can opt for
Traditional 13+2 Small (from 12 to 15 parallel sessions) everyone admitted to oral presentations
Lightning talks 5+2 Large (from 3 to 5 parallel sessions) everyone admitted to oral presentations
Lightning Lottery 13+2 Large (from 3 to 5 parallel sessions) only those who will opt for lighting talks & send the full paper by 31st of May
Poster Dedicated space everyone
Poster Lottery 2 Large (from 3 to 5 parallel sessions) everyone who will opt for poster presentation


Sessions with traditional presentations will include 4, 5, 6, or 8 papers
Sessions with lighting talks will include 4 or 6 papers
Special tracks with many accepted submissions will include several (not overlappping) sessions