Post-conference Survey

In brief

This report is on a questionnaire based on the responses of participants at the ESEE 2022 conference held in Pisa last June. The underlying theme was the ecological economics and this was the title of the event, “Will Achilles catch up with the tortoise?” The conference was attended by about 550 people including faculty, researchers, experts, and students. Various plenaries and presentations were held during the days from June 14 to 17, accompanied by extra events such as a social dinner, a concert by the music group “I Bei Legami Ensemble,” and sustainability games.

The aim of the report is to investigate the satisfaction, opinions, and advice of the participants, who expressed themselves by answering the proposed questions based on their experience at the conference. The number of responses received was around 200 (209 to be precise).

In the full report you will find the most important and salient insights. DOWNLOAD it here