Practical information for delegates


  • During the conference days we will not be able to reply to individual emails, except for very exceptional cases.
  • Registration will start on Tuesday 14th of June at 2pm at the Polo Carmignani, where the Opening ceremony will take place at 4pm. Please register as soon as you can.
  • In the following days the registration desk will be open at the main conference site (DEM). Just follow the signs!
  • Those who registered but have not yet paid their fees, will be able to pay at the registration desk via credit card.
  • A hardcopy of the invoices will be available at the same desk for those who asked for it.
  • Participants will get a hardcopy of the attendance certificate at the registration desk from Wednesday 15th June. 


  • Time and room of presentations are indicated on the oxfordabstracts platform or in the Conference Booklet.
  • Each room has a computer that is available for presentations in case you have slides or other visual material.
  • Please  upload your slides no later than half an hour BEFORE your presentation on this gdrive folder after choosing the appropriate subfolder. A google account is needed. Alternatively, it is possible to use an USB-key to upload the slides in the computer available for each session. Slides are not mandatory.
  • Q without A:. In this conference priority will be given to collecting questions. Speakers will answer only short clarification questions.
  • in LIGHTNING TALKS AND LOTTERY (to large audience) a two-minute silent pause between presentations will be used by us for arranging for the next presenter, and by the floor to reflect and write their questions/suggestions online or on cards that each participant will find in the conference bag. Collected questions/suggestions will be given to the presenters, either directly or with the help of our volunteers. An area in the lunch hall will be reserved to the session presenters to meet persons wishing to discuss the work s/he shortly presented.
  • In the “traditional” format you’ll have 12-minute presentation + 3 minutes of questions in parallel sessions. Authors and chairs will agree whether to use this time for questions after each presentation or at the end of the session.
  • Stay within your speaking time!


We will not have posters! You have been allocated to lightning talks. Please look up time and room in the oxfordabstract program.  


Being chair is not a challenging task! A volunteer in the room to help you with technical issues, and download the slides of the presenters from the gdrive folder to the room laptop. Also s/he will help in case the presentation is on an USB stick.

Your main task is first to check whether all persons who are scheduled are in the room and to make sure that each presenter stays within speaking time. If someone does not show up, KEEP the SCHEDULED speaking times, and leave the spare time for discussion after all presentations.

This conference is a Q without A conference: priority is given to collecting questions. Speakers will answer only to short clarification questions. Please make sure this rule is respected.

If you cannot chair, please ask another presenter in the session to substitute you. If you cannot solve the issue, please write to us to using as a subject “IMPOSSIBILITY TO CHAIR A SESSION”. In the email, quote the label of the session (es. “Wed1-A”).


On Tuesday 14th the conference will start at Polo Carmignani. In Piazza dei Cavalieri, you will see a large gate at the left hand side of the Scuola Normale Superiore; the gate will bring you to the conference venue.

After the Opening Sessions, we will walk along the ancient Borgo Stretto, Piazza Garibaldi, and Lungarno Mediceo, we will cross the Fortezza Bridge and arrive at the old Stazione Leopolda for a welcome cocktail and for a classical music concert comparing Vivaldi and Piazzolla.

Furthermore, at Stazione Leopolda we will also have our lunches during the conference, and play “Games for sustainability” after the closing ceremony.

On Wednesday and Thursday morning the conference will take place in the Department of Economics and Management (DEM, letter A in the map), while in the afternoons in Polo Piagge (letter B on the map). On Friday it will be held in the Department of Economics.

The Conference’s social dinner will take place at the Big Fish Restaurant in Marina di Pisa, a few km away from the city centre, on Wednesday, June 15. The Big Fish is a popular beach resort and restaurant run by L’Alba, a no-profit organisation that, since 2000, deals with the psycho-social integration of people who suffer or have suffered from psychic or psychological distress.